Vision & Strategy

Vision and Strategy

MANTOR is an Independent Wealth Management Company in Switzerland, with presence in Geneva, Zurich and Lugano. Mantor is designed to respond to the fast changing environment of financial markets
MANTOR unites selected Independent Asset Managers (IAM) to reflect the fast changing environment of financial markets and evolving regulations.

MANTOR’s wealth managers are vetted through a rigorous process. They become Partner and remain the relationship manager to their clients within MANTOR.

MANTOR is addressing financial wealth management professionals, family offices and other institutions with large number of custodians and clients. Our business model is based on the centralisation of risk management, compliance and administrative services allowing the wealth managers to focus on investing.
MANTOR is a choosen family with a club spirit
Wealth Managers
Share Capital
Custodian banks
Insurance companies
We offer a strong business model with a common goal for a shared success and a stronger presence in the market.

Regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly rigorous. The goal of Mantor is to assist wealth managers to focus on what they do best : perform.

Mantor provides data research, access to more than 30 banks, risk control and compliance services. Administrative tasks are centralised. Investment Committee, Model Portfolios, Risk Analysis, Weekly Financial Market Meeting and Minutes support our decisions in accordance with each client profile.

We support centralised tasks and costs such as Compliance, Risk Management, Insurance, Market Analysis, Trading, Back Office with efficient IT solutions within an appropriate Corporate Structure.

MANTOR is developed in order to respond to the latest financial markets’ regulation

Our model is based on transparency and quality