a few words about our company

MANTOR is developed in order to respond to the quick changing environment of the financial markets regulation, forcing External Asset Managers (EAM) to adapt their organisation, merge and relocate, because of (1) no free access for financial services from their local base location to other main prospective markets, (2) increasing regulation and (3) increasing tax compliance obligations for asset under management (AUM).

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the concept


Is made of experts and skilled businessmen

Some of them are board members of a Swiss self-regulatory organisation for External Asset Managers, as defined in the Swiss Anti-Money-Laundering Act (AMLA) of October 17, 1997. This team has worked together for more than ten years, has acquired an extensive expertise in terms of EAM regulation and is recognised for its integrity and pragmatic common sense. It grew the number of affiliated firms from two hundred to more than five hundred, accrediting above two thousand professionals and supervising their financial activities.

Experience of the principals

The business will initially center around Franz de Planta and Christian Balmat as founding partners, plus a team of well-connected and recognised experts in the areas and services offered by MANTOR.

Franz de Planta, Chairman
Franz is a Swiss national with 30 years’ experience in banking and high net-worth financial services as an independent external asset manager (EAM). Being the driving force behind MANTOR, Franz is a central player in Swiss Financial Services and is particularly focused on regulatory issues. He has extensive knowledge of all Swiss regulatory mechanisms and questions. He is President of the OAR-G, Swiss self-regulatory organisation (SRO) for asset managers since 2003. He is a member of economiesuisse (Swiss Business Federation) as well as the Legal Committee and the Working Group on the regulation of the financial sector within the Swiss Business Federation. Franz has in-depth knowledge of prudential and economic issues, as well as legal and commercial risks within the context of the positioning of Switzerland in the world regulatory landscape with the prospect of competitive business models for the financial sector. Since 2001, Franz is Chairman of DE PLANTA & CIE SA, Geneva which is specialised in portfolio management and wealth management solutions.
Christian Balmat, CEO and Compliance Officer
Christian is a Swiss national with 26 years’ experience in banking and as an independent external Asset Manager (EAM), since January 2001 with ProTrading, Fribourg. He is advising on global wealth management and his clients are mainly from Switzerland and as well from other European countries. Since 2003, Vice-President of OAR-G, Swiss self-regulatory organisation (SRO) for asset managers and member of economiesuisse (Swiss Business Federation). He is an operational board member of a well-established family group specialised in retail sales and logistics. He has in depth experience of financial services marketing and portfolio management for professional investors and high net-worth individuals. His experience in all of these fields makes him ideal to lead MANTOR.

The Timing is a key factor

Many laws and acts, new or revised, as well as their corresponding application bills, have been passed through the Swiss Parliament in 2018 and will be put in force by the financial market regulator starting January 1st 2020 with a transition period. At the same time, the European legislation in financial markets has been reviewed with a certain grade of protectionism and restrictions forcing independent EAMs to adapt, restructure and merge in order to add value for their customers. These processes are as well happening worldwide, from the United States to Asia.

Mantor provides services as

Enhancing global competitiveness, this offer will bring success to our joining advisers, who are sharing the same values of quality and focus on wealth preservation for our end customers, from individual investors to family offices and other institutions


In order to optimise this integrated mix with efficiency and creativity,
MANTOR has selected carefully the IT Product chain offered by Key® in Geneva

Their managing team proved an excellent corporate culture during the first exploratory stages of our collaboration. Our common goals will be ideally suited to serve EAMs at best. We tested their tools, solutions, market knowledge, financial strength and reputation. Our IT solutions are dedicated to provide advanced business software solutions. Its financial expertise and its wide pool of IT experts allow to develop state of the art business applications for the Asset Management and the Private Banking industries, from portfolio management to global analysis, including customer-relationship management and optimum data security. Our Outsourcing services provide clear wealth consolidation and complete reporting needs. These high quality solutions are already used by leading banks in Switzerland.

a new tool for a new market place

“ MANTOR multi international platform is addressing EAMs and direct customers from individual investors to family offices and other institutions. In particular, MANTOR will address the EU cross-border burden and other aspects, plus the evolutions in the regulatory and business constraints of the local Swiss market (LSFin - LEFin). ”

the range services will include

  • syndication
  • advisory
  • brokerage and market access
  • risk management
  • operational and structural compliance
  • legal matters
  • trainings
  • information systems
  • it solutions

Your EAM serves you better

with a powerful tool

He becomes a dedicated financial advisor and relationship manager to his same client base within MANTOR, maintaining its own former company, which will have a specific business agreement with the platform for the services rendered.

MANTOR proposes a full chain of tools,

support and services in a partnership mode

Major players and active skilled investment professionals will be proposed to sit on the advisory board. MANTOR is building a new business-model with a common goal for a shared success and not just a cost mutualisation offer for EAMs. MANTOR’s aim is the virtual private bank for EAMs.

the sharing

of some current and future centralised costs (as compliance, risk management, board members, market analysis, trading, back office, …), together with an efficient pricing of a full IT solution providing a virtual integrated office, will provide necessary savings to small structures and an attractive economical solution to bigger EAMs. The operating model, based on shared resources and pulling on ad hoc expert advice allows MANTOR to offer a very aggressive pricing while ensuring sustainability.


a growing pool of assets under management that makes easier the negociation of reduced fees with some well-established custodian Banks.


seeking adequate remuneration of its added value with different packages from time sheet offer to a linear model calculation or profit based sharing.


transparent reporting.